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Liz Braun

Senior Nurse Practitioner

Liz is a board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner who received advanced practice training at Vanderbilt University. Liz has gone on to receive training in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy through The Ketamine Training Center, under the guidance of Dr. Phil Wolfson.  To further her training in the use of psychedelic medicines, Liz is also pursuing a psychedelic-assisted therapy certification through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute.

Though traditional psychotherapeutic medications and psychotherapy practices help some people to some extent, it has long been clear that these modalities are insufficient in many cases.  Liz is hopeful that the additional emotional and psychological space created by ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can open new avenues of healing for many.

Liz believes that developing a collaborative therapeutic relationship with her patients plays an essential role in her patients’ pursuit of healing and wellness.  Liz’s past experiences as a psychiatric nurse, emergency nurse, and sexual assault nurse examiner have provided her with a broad array of skills to utilize when working with her patients.