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Medicine Physical Prep and Aftercare

During the preparation phase, we collaboratively build a framework for navigating the psychedelic experience - utilizing various tools, ideas and concepts drawn from various therapeutic modalities (theories), as well as what we’ve learned from traditional and historic practices involving the use of psychedelic medicines for healing purposes. Preparation is really building the foundation for the psychedelic experience, and for the ongoing “life work” of post-psychedelic integration. 

Prior to your KAP Session

  1. Hold stimulants (i.e., cough medicines, caffeine) the day of your KAP session. You may also be asked to hold certain medications.
  2. No food or beverages four hours prior to KAP session. You may drink water before your session but try to limit to 24 oz. Patients that have a history of developing headaches from caffeine withdrawal may drink up to 6 oz black coffee before the session.
  3. We recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing on the day of your KAP session. Your arm should be readily accessible to receive the IM injection.
  4. Please arrive early to you scheduled appointment for a pre-session medical exam. At this time, you will be asked to provide the contact information of your ride home. In general, rides should be there 1.5 hours after the start of the session.

Aftercare for your KAP Session

  1. Once medically cleared you will be allowed to leave the clinic with your ride. Should you have any concerns when you are home, please call our office to discuss.
  2. It is normal to feel mental fogginess and dizziness afterward. The medicine will last in your system for another 10-12 hours, but you should not have any significant deficits four hours after discharge. We ask  that you do not drive or operate any motor vehicles or machinery for the remainder of the day following your session (i.e. not until the following  day).
  3. Your journey can be a powerful experience. One that can bring up varying emotional states. We expect deep rooted memories and feelings to surface afterwards. Please contact your therapist if you are having difficulty processing these emotions yourself.
  4. Alternatively, many will feel a lift and sense of ease afterwards. We recommend you maximize this effect by engaging in the world around you in a way you may not have done in the past. It can be as simple as going on a hike or texting/calling an old friend.

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Following your treatment session, we focus on taking care of your mind-body system to enhance the impact of your psychedelic journey.
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