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At Intero, we tell all of our clients that the psychedelic journey truly begins AFTER their medicine session. Most people think of the psychedelic as the most important part of their healing process. It is but a catalyst. It’s the intentional actions and self-reflections in the days, weeks, months, and years following their experience that really matters. It is how we integrate the past into our present that leads to lasting change; and eventually transformation.


This phase of your treatment focuses on how we can take advantage of the antidepressant and other benefits offered by ketamine following your experience and aim to “water the seeds” that were planted during your experience. Integration is about building incremental habits that align with your values, strengths and sense of purpose. In integration, we work together to develop a process and practice for each individual, to help develop strategies for keeping this experience and the insights gained present in the forefront of the mind. This looks different for each individual and is typically tied directly to the intentions they’ve set forth during the preparation phase. We ask, “how would you like your life to look?” With integration, psychedelic medicines can help us to become co-creators with our own mind, and to redefine the path we are on. Along the way, we recognize that there’s an inner guide within us, and a source of wisdom for navigating our own experiences. Psychedelics can help us reconnect to this wisdom, and the work we do in integration is about learning how to hear its voice. 

Integration practices may include:

  1. Use of music for processing
  2. Reconnecting with nature
  3. Mindfulness and meditation practices
  4. Creative and artistic expression
  5. Somatic work
  6. Breath work
  7. Values and meaningful life activities

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