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Reset your mind.
Restart your life.

INTERO puts the mind-expanding effects of psychedelics into the hands of therapists, physicians, and nurse practitioners for a truly integrative approach to healing the mind. Currently providing psychedelic Ketamine therapy in Minnesota.

What to expect from your treatment

There are four phases of Psychedelic Therapy at Intero, each designed to help tap your creative potential and access the inner states of healing. Currently,
Ketamine is the only legal psychedelic in MN.
Phase 1


In your first sessions, you'll meet with a therapist and medical provider to ensure Psychedelic Ketamine Therapy is a safe and effective option.
Phase 2


In your next sessions, you and your therapist will co-create a treatment plan based on your goals and intentions.
Phase 3


When you're ready, you will have the actual Ketamine experience. Your therapist will be present to support you and offer guidance.
Phase 4


The next day, your therapist will help you process the experience and deepen your connection to the lessons and insights it provided.


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