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Psychological and Physical Assessment

Assessment is about ensuring that ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is safe for you, both physically and psychologically. You will meet with your medical  practitioner to get a medical exam, that consists of reviewing your medical history, collecting information on your vitals, and conducting a non-invasive physical assessment, and psychological history. You will then meet with your therapist for a mental health assessment to help us get a deeper  understanding of your experience, from your perspective.

The medical assessment

The medical assessment is to ensure there are no medical contraindications to proceed - to ensure KAP is likely to be safe for you - and to identify any issues that may affect your journey. The initial evaluation is where past medical records will be reviewed and a physical exam will be conducted. Your medication regimen will be reviewed as well to ensure there are no drug interactions that can affect your journey or health. We will also thoroughly explore your medical history and psychological history. The physical exam mostly consists of taking baseline vital signs and non-invasive examination of the cardiovascular and neurologic systems. Clients remain fully clothed throughout this non-invasive assessment, and  physical touch is limited.

The Mental Health Assessment

The mental health assessment is also about ensuring that KAP is likely to be safe for you,  especially psychologically and emotionally. You will meet with your therapist  for a mental health evaluation to help us get a deeper understanding of your  experience, from your perspective.

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