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Heather Carabajal


Heather believes in the power of Psychedelic-Assisted-Psychotherapy to connect with oneself in ways that are not possible during ordinary states of consciousness. Heather is drawn to hope for relief for those who are struggling with emotional pain. Tapping into emotions that can be difficult to access, discovering fresh perspectives and strengthening new neural pathways in the brain holds so much promise to enrich the therapeutic experience.

Heather’s style of therapy is client-centered and creative. They are versed in approaches that focus on attachment styles, unpacking thoughts and beliefs, creating and working towards meeting behavioral goals, exploring values, holding ambivalence, as well as the multitude of emotions and multidimensional parts of each person.

Heather believes all people have innate strengths and abilities. Some are expressed, and some lie in the wings of the psyche waiting to be known. She has a compassionate way of looking at growth edges, acknowledging the vulnerability that comes with making changes. From Neurobiology to the Mind/Body/Spirit connection, Heather is a psychology nerd, and enjoys sharing knowledge and practical skills with clients. When away from work, Heather likes to connect with nature, the arts, and loved ones.