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Breanna Freeborn

Clinic Director, Therapist

Breanna Freeborn is a holistic, integrative Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who specializes in working with clients who have experienced trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders. Breanna is passionate about the healing potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the power of non-ordinary states of consciousness as a catalyst for growth. The primary clinical orientations she draws from are psychodynamic, which focuses on how our past impacts us now; attachment theory, which emphasizes our human need for connection and bonds; and existential, which explores meaning and purpose. She also uses internal family systems and body-based approaches, especially when working with individuals who’ve experienced trauma.

Breanna often works with individuals who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, self-identified creative types, and/or part of “counter-culture.” She also works with those who are self-identified rule-followers, perfectionistic, and feel stuck or rigid in the way they are living. Regardless of the person, she helps clients get in touch with their inner healing and “higher self” to experience relief, and ultimately cultivate more authentic lives. A common aim is to move beyond feeling defined and trapped by the struggles one has experienced.

Breanna is fascinated by Jungian archetypes, dreams, nature, music and art, and how humans use symbols to convey deeper meaning. In therapy, she finds it powerful and effective to incorporate these concepts as well as using visualization, mindfulness, and metaphors to integrate what we are learning in therapy. Breanna strikes a balance between using these holistic approaches while also incorporating neuroscience, research, and psychoeducation to empower clients.

Every human has wounds, and we all need connection along the way to heal them. Part of Breanna’s calling and purpose is to be a guide along the path to healing these deep wounds, to help people accept and transform their pain. We all deserve to be accepted as we are, and to live with dignity as we become something greater than our suffering.