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Kyle Ross

Senior Director of Clinical Operations

Therapy is an exploration of how our experiences have shaped our understanding and perception of the world. Experiences can lead us to positive and negative perceptions of who we are in relationship to ourselves and others. My goal in therapy is to assist others in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.

My training is based on Adlerian psychotherapy and incorporates many different styles and from other disciplines. I believe that knowledge comes from many areas in our life and seek to utilize knowledge from music, history, philosophy, and art. Healing is an individualized process. I believe that every person has the knowledge and ability for self-healing, and sometimes we need another person to help as a guide or to provoke new ideas. I respect and encourage the autonomy of every individual that I work with, and honor the stories shared with me.

Relationships between others and to ourselves is a collection of stories and memories. Learning to heal begins with being able to connect to certain stories and memories in a new way. Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy offers ways to understand in a profound way so that we can gain greater agency within our lives. Through my training and experience my hope is to bring new and innovative therapies to those struggling with the complexities of life.

I have worked with many populations of individuals and have focused on Serious and Persistent Mental Health, LGBTQ issues, suicidality, Borderline Personality Disorder, and individuals with significant trauma histories.