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Kile Minnis


Kile is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has previous experience in a community-based setting and in-office settings. Kile uses his systemic understanding to reshape how our relational ties (past and present) impact who we are and what problems we face today. Kyle has completed his MAPS MDMA Therapist Training Certificate program (Parts A-D).

More specifically, Kile’s clinical work finds itself at the crossroads of existential philosophy, the interdependent nature of being and balancing out the foundational principles of compassion for all those who suffer. In his journey to continuously build compassion, he attempts to create a therapeutic context so others may give themselves the permission to be human. With the ultimate goal of helping others learn how to create that compassionate context for themselves in all their relationships.

For Kile believes that full acceptance of ourselves, our contexts, and the others we are with is our most powerful remedy for suffering.

Kile has experience working with individuals who have experienced Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and has a passion for couples and family/systems/relational work.