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Dr. Justin Gerstner

Medical Director

Dr. Gerstner is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with comprehensive experience in psychiatry, working in nearly every level of care and setting in the field. He has firsthand knowledge of both the lifesaving aspects of traditional psychiatry, as well as its limitations.

Dr. Gerstner’s psychotherapeutic training is rooted in brief psychodynamic therapy, where moments of intuitive insight can offer clarity on how one’s life can be vastly different. This passion has drawn him to work in psychedelic medicine, a space for each of us to find purpose and transformation. These transformational moments are at the core of what we strive for in mental health treatment.

As lead of the medical team at INTERO, Dr. Gerstner’s top priority is providing an open and safe environment to receive this experience. With you and your therapist we will develop a plan and guide you through this journey together. It is a privilege for us to be there with you.